• 15:00-15:01 (1 mins)

    Welcoming and Introduction

    SAKATA Natsuko
    TCS Deputy Secretary-General
  • 15:01-15:07 (6 mins)

    Opening Remarks

    Amb. OU Boqian
    TCS Secretary-General
    Marco Toscano-Rivalta
    Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific of UNDRR Chief
  • 15:07-15:52 (45 mins)


    LUO Weier
    National Disaster Reduction Centre of China, CHINA - Topic: UAV Technology and Application in Disaster Emergency Management
    IKEDA Makoto
    Asian Disaster Reduction Centre, Japan - Topic: Application of DRR Technology for Reducing Disaster Risks – Case Studies of DRR Measures in Japan
    CHO Si-beom
    National Disaster Management Research Institute, Korea - Topic: Public-Private Partnered Emergency Drone Operation Team for Disaster Response
  • 15:52-16:02 (10 mins)


    Rajib SHAW
    Asia-Pacific Science Technology and Academia Advisory Group Chair
  • 16:02-16:12 (10 mins)


    SAKATA Natsuko
    TCS Deputy Secretary-General
  • 16:12-16:15 (3 mins)

    Closing Remarks

    SAKATA Natsuko
    TCS Deputy Secretary-General
Presentation Materials

These presentation materials are prepared by the speakers of the Inter-Regional Dialogue on Cooperation: Application of Cutting Edge Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction in China, Japan and Korea based on their academic research, experiences and opinions. The copyright of the materials belongs to each speaker and only non-profit, educational, or personal uses may be permitted.